Artemisya Dancewear: Tribal Fusion and Belly Dance wear for contemporary female warriors dancers

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On the front is printed a beautiful vintage photo of a young Berber girl of the Ouled Nails tribe (Algeria) with her traditional jewelry, (Algeria, 1905).




The Berbers (or, in their own language, Imazighen, meaning originally “free men”), are the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa. The Ouled Nails are a Berber population of a territory that extends into the area of ​​Algeria. Ouled Nail is also their folk dance, one of the income sources of these tribes.
In fact, Ouled Nail women traditionally made a living (or dowry) by leaving the desert at the age of 15, to go and perform in city clubs or in the Sahara Oasis. At the age of 30 they then returned, married and had children. The style of the Ouled Nail dance is a very earthy style, at the same time intricate and symbolic. Few steps and few movements: shimmy shoulders, undulations of the body and arms, side-side movements of the head, twist, lateral and antero-posterior strokes of the pelvis.
Ouled Nail costumes are always magnificent. They wear very high-necked tunics, long sleeves, on long skirts, with more or less heavy fabrics, with various patterns, mostly geometric or striped. Often they also wear a veil made of sequins, held by gold threads, but they are never “veiled” that is, with their faces covered, like many other North African women.
The make-up is abundant: very kohol on the eyes, the face adorned with heavy jewels is often tattooed with tribal designs that indicate the tribe to which it belongs. The very black hair is gathered in braids rolled up on the sides of the face that hold large earrings in their place. There are also several colored turbans that show the underlying hairstyle.
The money they own does not keep it in bags or purses but they wear it in various ways. They make up the coins in large necklaces with which they also adorn their beautiful hairstyles, to which they also sometimes add some ostrich feathers.
Another way to carry the money is to sew together the fabric parts of the shawls or skirts using the coins as splice parts. They therefore wear many jewels, large circles on their ears with many hanging coins, bracelets and necklaces. A curiosity: the Ouled Nail women are famous for their large bracelets full of studs and spikes, which they use to protect themselves from insolent gentlemen.



The fabric is a 100% cotton.



“BERBER WOMAN” is available in 4 versions. Photo number 8 refers to the men’s model.

This item is MADE TO ORDER.



The fabric is a 100% cotton.



This item is MADE TO ORDER.



Slim fit model. The fit of this article is less than that of a normal t-shirt. It is advisable to take the measurements well on a garment that you have available at home and compare with the size chart.

IMPORTANT: before ordering, compare your measurements with the size chart here below, and choose the one closest to yours. If you have doubts or questions feel free to ask, this will prevent any problems in advance.


Approx. S  M  L  XL  XXL
Width   16 17 18 19  20 inches
Length  23 24 25 26 27 inches

Approx. XS S M L XL XXL
Width    19 20 21 22 23 24 inches
Length  27 28 29 29.5 30 31 inches

SMALL (SIZE 4-6): CHEST 33-35 inches, UNDER BUST 28-31 inches, WAIST 25-27 inches, LOW WAIST 27-30 inches, HIPS 34-36 inches, SLEEVES 28,5 inches, UPPER ARM 9-10,5 inches, SHOULDER 14-15 inches, INSEAM 30,5 inches.

MEDIUM (SIZE 8-10): CHEST 35-37 cm, UNDER BUST 31-34 inches, WAIST 28-30 inches, LOW WAIST 31-34 inches, HIPS 37-39 inches, SLEEVES 28,75 inches, UPPER ARM 10,5-11,5 inches, SHOULDER 15,5-16 inches, INSEAM 31 inches.

LARGE (SIZE 10-12): CHEST 38-40 inches, UNDER BUST 34-37 inches, WAIST 31-33 inches, LOW WAIST 35-37 inches, HIPS 40-43 inches, SLEEVES 29 inches, UPPER ARM 11,5-13 inches, SHOULDER 42-43 inches, INSEAM 32 inches.

X-LARGE (SIZE 14-16): CHEST 41-43 inches, UNDER BUST 37-39 inches, WAIST 33-36 inches, LOW WAIST 37.5-40 inches, HIPS 42-43,5 inches, SLEEVES 29,5 inches, UPPER ARM 13-14,5 inches, SHOULDER 17-17,5 inches, INSEAM 32,5 inches.



CHEST: measure the breast circumference at the point of maximum projection.
UNDER BUST: measure the circumference of the bust just below the breast.
SHOULDER: measure the length from a tip of the shoulder to the other shoulder.
SLEEVES: measure the arm starting from the shoulder to the desired length of the sleeve (wrist, just below the elbow or above).
UPPER ARM: measure the arm circumference at its widest point.
WAIST: measure the waist circumference in its narrowest point.
LOW WAIST: measure your waist circumference about 3-4 inches below the navel.
HIPS: Measure the hip circumference at the point of maximum projection.
INSEAM: measure the length from the waist to the front to the back.



The processing tims are variable. I will do my best to respect the delivery schedule, but I can’t always guarantee them.
I ship from Monday to Saturday morning.
The items ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT, are typically shipped within 1 to 3 business days.
For CUSTOM items calculate from a week it up.
I work in a smoke-free environment, neat and clean.



Do you like this model, but you’d prefer another color, fabric or size? When you go in the listing, click on “Request a custom order” and I’ll be happy to listen to your requests. On my Facebook page you can find many other tissues and accessories: (copy and paste this link into your browser)

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Please note: I don’t take custom orders for models that are not present in my shop. However, I’m more than willing to add or modify my creations, but I don’t accept more requests completely different from what is my style. Also, I don’t accept copies of whole cloth work of other creative. The changes have their own cost because they need time and energy.



This shirt can be washed in a washing machine at 30°C.




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S, M, L, XL, XXL


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


1, 2, 3, 4

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